Thai Massage Guildford ( None -Sexual )

We offer the best thai massage in Guildford ( None- Sexual ), let us help you relax and unwind with our authentic thai massage and spa treatments. Our expert massage therapists have years of experience in massage, holistic and spa treatments why not make a day of it and get completely pampered with a professional massage, relaxing sounds and aromas.

Appointment Times

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm

Last appointment from 3 pm

Massage offered to females only, sorry for the inconvenience


Head massage guildford



Thai massage stimulates the meridians, energy pathways that run through by teaching the body to stimulate the flow of energy rhythmically based on pressure points – and works with his hands, but also elbows, knees, feet and your own body weight. From a scientific perspective, the Thai massage is for stimulating lymph flow, blood circulation and relaxation. By stretching and stretching the spine the physical agility is improved. The deep relaxation enabled the increased blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism. Mindful touches can give physical wellbeing, cause lifting techniques to a feeling of security.

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